Monthly Archives: August 2012

When Gothic chic comes to mind, you straight away think that the Gothic look will be very complicated and hard to piece together, when in fact, it is very easy to master. You’ve just got to get the basics right. You don’t need to add all the corsets, piercings, chokers, tattoos, or even the hair dyeing, all you need are the right colours and style of clothing. Some of the things that you could first try out are, for example, a slick of dark or black (what-ever you feel like) nail paint, eye-liner and lip stick. If you’re feeling slightly more confident, you could also wear dark or black clothes, shoes and accessories too!


Depending on how far you want to go with your look, mix and match around with a few different items and pieces to find out what suits you!

1. Add texture and embellishment in the key colours to accessories such as brooches, purses, hats, bags, etc.

2. Add a statement to your look, using items such as zips, studs or spikes to add originality.

3. To get a more daytime look, team your outfit with clothes and jewellery such as biker jackets, cropped trousers, chunky rings, jewelled earrings, stacked and layered bracelets and maybe even some cool edgy necklaces to add a taste of dark romance to it.

(Megan from is featured in this picture).