Hide that feeling of untidiness, and look good.

If you’re someone addicted to having your hair perfect and exactly right everyday…then listen up! Have a go at letting you’re hair down, and I mean, literally and metaphorically let your hair down! Everybody always gets to that phase when they grow their hair, and it then goes into that confusing, in-between length, where you just can’t decide whether to cut it, or keep growing it…but whilst you decide what you’re going to do with your hair, by wondering what type of cut and length of hair will suit your face shape and your style, just embrace the unfussy messiness of your hair by trying these fuss-free hairstyles!

The top three hair-dos that are simple, quick and easy to follow:

As you want to hide the fact that you’re hair is not being well tamed, having your hair down is obviously a definite no-no, so follow these simple hairstyle steps for a quick getaway from a bad hair day!

How to master the messy bun:

First, push all of your hair up into a neat high-ponytail, and then twist your hair around and around in a circular pattern until there is no more hair to wrap round, and then tie a hair band around it, and you get a messy bun! If you need extra help keeping it upright, so that it doesn’t fall down, just add in some hair grips for extra hold! If you want to be more original, make two buns on either side or your head instead or just one!

How to master fuss-free bunches:

First, separate your hair into two parts equally, and then on either side, push all of your hair up and style into a high ponytail, and then you’re good to go! Or you could just go for the single classic pony if that works more for you!

How to master unfussy plaits:

You first put your hair into bunches, and then you section the hair on either side into threes. You then twist each section around each other equally, until you have no hair left to twist round. Then you tie a hair band around the ends and there you have it! Unfussy plaits in no time!



  1. Zoe Winterfeldt said:

    Tula, i proper love this blog 🙂 x

    • Ahaha n’awww thanks so much!:’) Means a lot:’)<3

  2. Zoe Winterfeldt said:

    i already said that but hey!

    • Hahahaha 😉 It’s ok! 😉 Say it as much as you like!…;) Hahahaha jokes 😉 ❤

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