Monthly Archives: October 2012

Don’t you just love the sheer satisfaction of flicking through the thick, glossy pages of your new magazine and finding a little sample pack glued to the print of an advertisement…whether it’s a moisturiser, b.b. cream, foundation or perfume? I know I do! It feels so exciting to try new make-up! Especially when it’s all over the adverts on the TV and you feel your hopes drop at how expensive it is…how you can’t afford it…how others can…But when you find just that little pack of it, it brings so much joy, that when you rip open the plastic, smell the expensive richness of it, and use it…You lose hope at how quickly it’s all gone, and drop it in the bin.

We all wish we could afford all the new designer make-up, some of us can, some of us can’t. We all dream of trying out all those nourishing hair ointments at the hairdressers for more than some of us can even afford. We all dream of luxury spas and being able to just feel the ooze and caress of a pot of expensive moisturiser just touching our faces that have seen better skin results than any other cheapy bottle can give for a year. But sometimes we’ve just got to remember that make-up isn’t everything. Yeah, so what, she has the money to do that, to make her feel more perfect…to hide away all those imperfections just to make her face look good, but it’s not like I look awful by not doing so too! Just remember that a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and exercise is all you need to see lasting and better skin results, as well as a more upbeat and happy lifestyle!


Some of us find that we just HAVE to get that new Mulberry bag, or we WILL get those new Louis Vuitton heels…but some things just don’t suit us…they may suit those models on the catwalk, or those friends we have, which we always ask ourselves, ‘How does she do it?!’ But when it comes down to it, we may ADORE that new trench, or those new equestrian boots, but what about when it comes to how it actually looks on US?! I’ve had many fashion disasters before, from looking through old photos and thinking, ‘What WAS I wearing?!’ But the truth behind finding something that really suits you and makes you feel absolutely AMAZING, is thinking simply. All you need is something that makes you feel comfortable, and is easy to get around in for the type of activity you are going to do in it! Heels are ONLY necessary for parties where all you do is stand around talking for example, and NOT for dog-walking let’s say! I mean, let’s look at the peplum for example! It’s very hard to find the right style and shape, and when I think about how it would probably look on me, and make me feel, it’s DEFINITELY a no-no! But, when it comes down to most of the new season trends, you’ve just got to find the right fit and style which will show off that trend! Like, for the new Opulent styled clothing trend, find pieces that are simple, and easy to add to other pieces, and easy to take away from different pieces…so, if you’re not into a studded dress, go for a more toned down jacket with a more subtly decorated top with luscious textures and rich detailing!