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286A lot of things people have trouble with, is finding different outfits for different occasions, and they feel the need to buy a new outfit every time, even though you have everything you need! Get a simple jacket, and you can style anything with it! Say, pair a leather jacket (undone) with a flowing silk dress, and then get that same jacket, and zip it up over that dress to make a skirt out of the dress! Just to toughen it up, add some biker boots, and you’re ready to go! 

You could also make two different outfits with just one jumper! Get a nice printed jumper, with the length making sure your whole body, apart from most of your legs are covered, and then add some thick tights, and you’ve made a jumper-dress! Or, to make a different outfit, you could get the same jumper, add a nice long felt coat, skinny jeans and tasselled brown boots to make the look more wintry!

Just rummage through your wardrobe and find pieces you can mix and match up again and again! Layering pieces and simple must-haves are key to making new outfits for every occasion!


002Hello! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been really busy, and unwell! But I just wanted to catch up with you all, and I know I need to keep my promise for doing a post everyday this month, so I’ll be doing SIX posts today! (!!!) So, I wanted to start off with quite a simple post about D.I.Y! As you all know, I lovelovelove D.I.Y videos on youtube, so I’m going to talk about a couple of great videos I found on-line!



1. This first video is by AllThatGlitters21, and in this video she shows you how to make a lovely necklace frame! This is such a great video for people out there, who want to de-clutter their jewellery and organise it into separate groups!

2. This second, and final video is by Macbarbie07, and I absolutely adore her cute little videos, and I thoroughly enjoyed this video on how to renovate your sweaters for the holidays! She shows brilliant tips and tricks for decorating new jumpers and sweaters, and turning them into something new!

(Megan from is featured in this picture).

121019-154701Here’s my final post today on a wonderful Christmas morning, as I now should have caught up with my target of doing a post everyday (as I missed a few days out I’ve done three today, so check them out!)

Today I’m going to talk about what’s in my shower. I love all the beauty products I own to scrub myself with in the shower and make me smell gorgeous and feel nice and clean!

I’m going to tell you about 6 products I love at the moment in my shower:

I’ve been using Boots’ Cranberry extracts body wash, body butter and body scrub which Megan from gave me, and they work wonders! My skin feels smooth and silky and it nourishes it as well! The smell of cranberries also makes me feel relaxed and soothes me into a daydream.

I’ve also been using the Soap & Glory Clean on me shower gel which feels luxuriously soft, Flake away body polish which gets rid of dirty, dry skin and feels smoother and softer then before, and I then slap on some Hand food hand cream after my shower to give my hands a soft finish which is light and non-greasy!

Shopping haulsToday I wanted to talk to you about hauls, but obviously not to brag, just as a little fun post! So go get a nice cuppa, get your jimjams on and read this whilst relaxing on your Christmas morning.

A while back I went on a shopping haul in H&M but only a picked up a few things…I picked up two tee-shirts and I adore them. They’re both black, and have names from old rock bands on the front (Nirvana and Guns N’ Roses), but they go with anything, and I mean ANYTHING, so I went to the till and bought them, and came back but realised I had the wrong size…I hadn’t bothered trying them on (very stupid of me), because I had no time to! But I wasn’t worried, because I knew what I had to do…just stretch them I thought, just make them baggy and put them over some nice cut-offs with a leather jacket and it will look amazing!

So I did just that and in no time I had the perfect everyday outfit, and was good to go! It was such a great buy! I can’t remember how much they were, but I know they were a really good cheap price!

I went on another haul recently and went to Primark…I bought a nice knitted green cardigan, two other band tee-shirts (Florence + The Machine and Black Sabbath), and my friend was also kind enough to buy me a present there, Penguin gloves! (I mentioned them in a previous post).

Hopefully more hauls will be coming soon, but anyway, have a very nice Christmas!

Presents to giveIT’S CHRISTMAS DAY!!! I hope you all got what you hoped for, and have a truly enjoyable day! At the moment I’m chilling in my onesie next to my presents and am having a great time eating my chocolate, but I also wanted to know…What did you get for your friends and family?

I picked up a few bits from amazon and make-up stores whilst I was doing my Christmas shopping! I bought some Gok Wan bath products for my friends and family, as well as other bath and beauty treats! I got Megan from a book I saw in Waterstone’s called, ‘The glass demon’ and I knew she’d love it, I hope…I also ordered a few DVDs online from amazon and was well on my way, feeling quite pleased with myself!

I hope you and all of your family have a wonderful rest of the day chilling, with lots of choccies and DVDs!

DIY youtubers I loveAt the moment I can’t get enough of watching D.I.Y youtube videos…I love how you can easily make an item you see at the shops for about £60, on your own…

A few Youtubers I’ve been watching making amazing designs and clothes at the moment are:

Missglamorazzi with her peter pan collar necklaces video, where she shows you how to make a glittery peter pan collar, a studded peter pan collar and a pearl peter pan collar…I tried it out on my own using green felt and multicoloured sequins and glitter to make a Christmassy collar!

Sototallyvlog and her video on hat hooks and tarnished jewellery is also a good video I found…but I also just love her vlogs in general which are on a regular basis!

AndreasChoice and two of her videos I found really helpful are:


Where she shows you how to get an old sweater and cut out a design that you want to glue onto it, as well as colour dying old sweaters!


She shows you how to make beanie hats out of old sweaters and jumpers…This is such a clever idea and It’s so convenient as I’ve wanted a new beanie for ages! Now I can just make it on my own!

111001-120413So, Christmas is at the time of year when sicknesses and the cold are things on a regular basis. The doctor’s on speed dial, and you just wish of having a break, instead of all that Christmas wrapping and present shopping…So, what about adding a bit of fun to it?!

If you want to feel more creative when wrapping presents, I got an idea from my friend, when she gave me a present, and all she did was get an old sheet of newspaper, and lots of cut outs from magazines and newspapers!

She then got some glue and stuck all of the cut outs onto the newspaper, and made a collage…then she let it dry and wrapped up my present! Just making that little bit of effort to make it special!

Another wrapping present idea, is to get a wrapping paper in one colour and then print stamps, paints or drawing and colouring on the paper to make your own design!

You can even make your own gift tags by getting blank bits of card, punching a hole into the top, tying some string through the hole, and then sifting through old cards to find a picture to match the size of the tag! Then just stick the picture onto one side, and write your message on the other! Good to go!