Like your living inside your own radio, to a world that only you know.

032Music. If music wasn’t within us, deep inside our soul…then where would ANY of us be?! Music makes you want to dance, shake your head in glee, makes you want to live and enjoy every moment…it makes you feel free…Music is everywhere. It’s what makes us who we are…hey, I hear the wind making pretty sounds through the wind chimes…hey, I hear the soft whisk of the cake mix being whisked up in the bowl in the kitchen…Music is all around us…if we just LISTEN.

My point is, that I want to share with you a few tracks that make me feel exactly these emotions I have just described to you.

Awolnation’s song, ‘Sail’ is something I heard only the other day, it’s beat makes me close my eyes, shake my head, and imagine I’m in my own world…it’s a real keeper of a song.

Lenka’s new song, ‘Everything at once’ has been my new dance favourite, I also heard this the other day, as I found out about it on the new Windows 8 advert. Her voice is so soft and lulling, but short and sweet to the beat, her multi-talents making her songs even more worthy, her ability to dance, play instruments AND sing just adds to her natural sparkle.

Of monsters and men’s song, ‘Little talks’ has to be my favourite out of all of them by far. The song is a real pick-me-up, their genius music video and single cover have also set the song up to be a real favourite of mine…EVER! The illustrations and vibe of the music video is so original and beautiful, that it feels as though you’re in your own fairytale as you let the lyrics whisk you away.


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