007I’ve been daydreaming about something recently…entertainment. Computers, televisions, phones and more, this is where most of us check for all the updates on the latest gossip, watch television, things that make us laugh (I could go on and on)…And just, basically everyone loves it. I want to go into three things that have been entertaining me recently.

So, what have I been watching? Sam Pepper. I love his witty personality and his amazing youtube.com/sam videos that literally make me ‘laugh out loud’.

So, what have I been reading? Megan from http://littlegothgirlblog.blogspot.co.uk/ showed me shewearsfashion.com and I literally fell in love with Kavita’s blog! I look at her new posts all the time, as they’re normally updated regularly…(sorry about that…) and I love everything about it. Her style is gorgeous and effortless and her posts are enjoyable and she’s a true inspiration to me.

So, what have I been listening to? I heard Sub Focus’ new song ‘Tidal Wave’, which features Alpines, and instantly played it back again and again. It’s such a powerful song…that singing…amazing. I’ve also been listening to ‘Possibilty’ by Lykke Li, which was featured in the well known second film in the Twilight saga, ‘New Moon’. I have to say…her voice is amazing…so moving and engaging.


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