My make-up routine.

130125-152150I just couldn’t stay away from this…So, I’ve decided to do a post about make-up. Now, I know a lot of girls out there will not go out without make-up, and, to be honest, I think I may be one of them. But, I think that we should just embrace the fact that we all look like what we all look like! I mean, I know certain make-up items cover up spots and whatnot, but at the end of the day, you’re just giving your skin even more spots if your thickly layering foundation on!

I start off by washing my face so that all the leftover traces of make-up from the day before are definitely gone, then I dollop on some spot cream on to certain tricky spots, and then I smother my face with moisturiser, because as it’s winter, your face needs it! I then apply some primer with my fingertips, which makes my face feel all nice and smooth and dewy, and afterwards I apply some concealer on the same tricky spots. I then paint my lips with lip tint, balm and gloss to give a fresh finish, and then I apply my base…I first apply my beauty balm cream (best to get the tinted SPF ones…even though you won’t need to protect your skin from the sun so much in this weather…but even so!) And I then rub a generous amount of foundation on to my face, making sure no marks or lines are left, and that I’m not caked in orange liquid! After I have finished, I then dab a dusting of powder onto my face to make sure my make-up holds, and I then do my eye make-up, which occurs of light brown bottom lash eye-liner, which defines my eyes, but not as heavily as a black eye-liner would, and I then flick a bit of black liquid liner across my top lash line. After my eye-liner has dried, I cover my eyelid in a shiny, toned down, soft colour of gold/brown, and I then coat (but not too much!) my eyelashes in lashings of black mascara! (Featured above in the picture are some of the items that I like to use!)


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