Those little touches that just make your room sparkle.

285I’ve decided that, as it’s nearly the holidays, my room needs a new make-over. I’m going to decide to stick with keeping it TIDY, and I’m just going to make the place feel much more PRETTY and CLEAN! Yes, I’ve underlined those few keywords, just to make sure I remember what my goals are for my room!

So, firstly, I’m going to make a few changes to my walls. My walls are COVERED in clothes and beauty adverts I cut out from magazines like Vogue, Marie Claire, Instyle and more, and I was thinking of maybe a more grown-up look…(Laughing to myself…) So I was thinking about draping bunting and fairy lights across my room!

A few other ideas I had, were to hang up door hangers, lavender bags and decorations around my room and on handles and my bedroom and wardrobe door, and I was also thinking about putting on show a few items like old crockery with nice patterns and shapes, and a few pots of flowers and little figurines!

I was also thinking to myself about how to add more light in my room, but not full-on bright lights from lamps and light-bulbs, but a more toned down type of light. So, I thought about putting out some candles and making my room a lot more brighter!

Another thing, as, a lot of you have probably already done, is to put up some funny pictures of me and friends that have been collaged with stickers, badges, maybe some writing and then framed…So, off I go to sort out my room!

Another quick thing…I’ve realised how I haven’t spent that much time on this blog, and I really want to update it regularly…So, as I absolutely LOVE writing new blog posts, I’m thinking of trying to spend at least three days a week on writing blog posts, and maybe, (as I enjoy this sososo much) even more times! On that note, I wish you a good day!



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