Quick update for Christmas.

044So, today I wanted to talk to you about how regularly I’ll be updating my blog, a subscription I just took, what I’m reading, and my new page on Facebook!

So, I’ve decided that starting from Monday I was going to post a new blog everyday until the end of the month…this will then hopefully get me into regularly updating next year, and finding out from your comments and likes, what you love to read. So, I know on Monday I didn’t have time to post anything, so, by trying to still keep my promise, I posted two new posts on Tuesday. If I ever forget or don’t have time to update one day, then I’ll post two on the next day!

I’ve recently just took out a subscription to InStyle and am loving my free gift! (Who doesn’t love freebies?!) I got given a REN facial renewal mask, and it works a treat! Also, I just love the magazines, and they give me lots of inspiration, and I just love pouring over the pages and looking at the new fashion and beauty campaigns, and the photography.

At the moment, I’m reading One Day. It’s such a beautiful novel, and it’s written in such a way that you can relate to the emotions and feelings of the characters like you’re in their place. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’ve watched the film, and it brings tears to my eyes! (I shan’t spoil it!) And I remember one time having my friend round, and she cried so much that her mascara ran all down her face!

As you may know already, I have a new Facebook page! Feel free to go and like it, and I’ll put new updates for my blog on there, so you know when I’ve written a new post! The address is on my ‘Simply me’ page!




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