My wish list for Christmas.

IMG_7325So, as the weather has changed to rain and wind, and it’s now approaching winter (It officially becomes winter tomorrow…) You’ll be seeing sunglasses swapped for a pair of earmuffs, and all those holiday memories of the summer will just be far far away. But, although this may seem so tragic, it means it’s Christmas in only a few days, and this also means that my wish list has changed to lots of winter goodies and must-haves!

So, on my wish list this season, there is…

1. Studded black ankle booties

2. Long-sleeved crop top tee-shirts

3. Studded shoulder army jackets

4. Dark-washed skinnys

5. Beanie hats

I’ve put these items on my Christmas wish list, so hopefully I’ve been good this year! But, another thing…I’ve decided that after my challenge to do a post everyday until the end of the month, I’m going to, starting from the 4th of January, update my blog every Friday! So, until tomorrow, I wish you a good night!



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