Just dreaming about being creative and putting a little fun into things…

111001-120413So, Christmas is at the time of year when sicknesses and the cold are things on a regular basis. The doctor’s on speed dial, and you just wish of having a break, instead of all that Christmas wrapping and present shopping…So, what about adding a bit of fun to it?!

If you want to feel more creative when wrapping presents, I got an idea from my friend, when she gave me a present, and all she did was get an old sheet of newspaper, and lots of cut outs from magazines and newspapers!

She then got some glue and stuck all of the cut outs onto the newspaper, and made a collage…then she let it dry and wrapped up my present! Just making that little bit of effort to make it special!

Another wrapping present idea, is to get a wrapping paper in one colour and then print stamps, paints or drawing and colouring on the paper to make your own design!

You can even make your own gift tags by getting blank bits of card, punching a hole into the top, tying some string through the hole, and then sifting through old cards to find a picture to match the size of the tag! Then just stick the picture onto one side, and write your message on the other! Good to go!




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