D.I.Y Youtubers I love…

DIY youtubers I loveAt the moment I can’t get enough of watching D.I.Y youtube videos…I love how you can easily make an item you see at the shops for about £60, on your own…

A few Youtubers I’ve been watching making amazing designs and clothes at the moment are:

Missglamorazzi with her peter pan collar necklaces video, where she shows you how to make a glittery peter pan collar, a studded peter pan collar and a pearl peter pan collar…I tried it out on my own using green felt and multicoloured sequins and glitter to make a Christmassy collar!


Sototallyvlog and her video on hat hooks and tarnished jewellery is also a good video I found…but I also just love her vlogs in general which are on a regular basis!


AndreasChoice and two of her videos I found really helpful are:

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Q28Gsplw8o

Where she shows you how to get an old sweater and cut out a design that you want to glue onto it, as well as colour dying old sweaters!

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha4c_MkRtAM

She shows you how to make beanie hats out of old sweaters and jumpers…This is such a clever idea and It’s so convenient as I’ve wanted a new beanie for ages! Now I can just make it on my own!


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