Hauls Hauls Hauls.

Shopping haulsToday I wanted to talk to you about hauls, but obviously not to brag, just as a little fun post! So go get a nice cuppa, get your jimjams on and read this whilst relaxing on your Christmas morning.

A while back I went on a shopping haul in H&M but only a picked up a few things…I picked up two tee-shirts and I adore them. They’re both black, and have names from old rock bands on the front (Nirvana and Guns N’ Roses), but they go with anything, and I mean ANYTHING, so I went to the till and bought them, and came back but realised I had the wrong size…I hadn’t bothered trying them on (very stupid of me), because I had no time to! But I wasn’t worried, because I knew what I had to do…just stretch them I thought, just make them baggy and put them over some nice cut-offs with a leather jacket and it will look amazing!

So I did just that and in no time I had the perfect everyday outfit, and was good to go! It was such a great buy! I can’t remember how much they were, but I know they were a really good cheap price!

I went on another haul recently and went to Primark…I bought a nice knitted green cardigan, two other band tee-shirts (Florence + The Machine and Black Sabbath), and my friend was also kind enough to buy me a present there, Penguin gloves! (I mentioned them in a previous post).

Hopefully more hauls will be coming soon, but anyway, have a very nice Christmas!


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