Swapping styles.

286A lot of things people have trouble with, is finding different outfits for different occasions, and they feel the need to buy a new outfit every time, even though you have everything you need! Get a simple jacket, and you can style anything with it! Say, pair a leather jacket (undone) with a flowing silk dress, and then get that same jacket, and zip it up over that dress to make a skirt out of the dress! Just to toughen it up, add some biker boots, and you’re ready to go! 

You could also make two different outfits with just one jumper! Get a nice printed jumper, with the length making sure your whole body, apart from most of your legs are covered, and then add some thick tights, and you’ve made a jumper-dress! Or, to make a different outfit, you could get the same jumper, add a nice long felt coat, skinny jeans and tasselled brown boots to make the look more wintry!

Just rummage through your wardrobe and find pieces you can mix and match up again and again! Layering pieces and simple must-haves are key to making new outfits for every occasion!


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