Mary Poppins’ amazing bag of glory.

What's in my bagWhat’s in my bag, you ask? Well, let’s find out!

So, in my bag I carry around some essential items of make-up in a small make-up bag, which contains some travel-sized face-powder, lip-gloss, concealer and eye-liner! Just to top up when I’m on the go!

I also carry around my purse obviously, just with loose change, tickets, cards, receipts and notes in, as well as my sunglasses in a case (even though it’s winter…), my phone, and also my keys for my locker at school, my house, etc.

You can also find in my bag some hair ties and hair clips, just for popping my hair up when needed for exercising, etc.

Ear-phones are essential for when I’m on the go, as I tend to listen to music a lot whilst sitting on buses, trains or in cars, as I lovelovelove music! Obviously if I’m lucky enough, I might have a few snacks like a small pack of chocolates, tic-tacs, gum or bubble-gum…but only if I’m lucky enough to, or remember to! A lot of people say that carrying hand sanitiser around with you is really handy, so I might invest on a little tub of hand sanitiser! Tissues are always stuffed in my bag, as I get colds regularly, and these will always help to try to ward off nasty bugs and the lot!

Also popping a few nail varnishes or rings in my bag does the trick for chips on nails, and will also add a bit of glitz and glam to any outfit!

Just a few ideas to help you get your bag ready for when you go back to school, or maybe work days, or just going out with friends!


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