New Year, New Start, New Me.

6This is going to be quite a long post…Just so you know…

So, I know New Year’s Eve has been and gone, but I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you guys what I wore, and how I did my hair and make-up!

I got a new dress for Christmas (not sure where it’s from…), and it’s grey and black, with the bottom half being grey, which is ruffled and frilly, and then the top half is black, and quite tight and fitted and plain.

I found that I didn’t want the top half of my dress showing, as I wanted to change it a bit, so I put a nice purple long top from Zara on, which has frills at the side, and paired it with my new Collar necklace from Sainsburys, and I thought it looked really nice! I also put some nice black tights on (any will do) and also my new black lace-up boots from Forever 21!

For my hair, I followed bebexo’s tutorial on youtube of how to do the Elegant Holiday Half-Updo Hairstyle:

I changed it slightly as I didn’t have enough time, but I still think it looked quite nice!

For my eye make-up, I followed pixiwoo’s tutorial on youtube on how to do the Blake Lively Neutral/Gold Smokey MakeUp look:

But I put my own spin on it, creating my own effect, and I loved it!

So, New Year’s Resolutions. I never really seem to follow resolutions, but I like to sort of start myself off, and look back to see if I achieved any!

1. Get a good, happy, healthy relationship with my hair. I treat my hair so badly, it’s unreal. I really need to start different ways for my hair to look nicer, and look healthier, and just try to play around and love my hair a little bit more!

2. Tea drinking…Ok, so this may sound odd, but when my mum gives me my lovely morning cups of tea, I never seem to drink it! Sometimes I do, and it’s lovely, but sometimes I forget, or am just not thirsty, and then later I find my tea, and feel so bad that I didn’t drink it, that I literally FORCE myself to drink it. Yes. I drink that cold tea from that morning, just to make me remember to flipping drink the tea, as I don’t want to drink the cold slush in the afternoon! So, I hope this year, I shall actually DRINK the tea!

3. Water drinking…I went through a phase in the Summer 2012 where I would carry large bottles of water around with me when I went on a trip anywhere, so that I would feel healthier, and it would treat my skin better! I would try to drink 2L a day, and then there was a point when I gave up, and just could not be bothered. I think this year, I’m going to try to start doing that again, and it will just help me feel that little bit more refreshed and revived!

4. I am definitely going to blog more, and just keep blogging! This is a part of my life now, and I just enjoy it so much! I’ve been writing a lot during the Christmas holidays, and I’m going to carry on by doing 2 posts a week…One on Mondays and one on Fridays! If I want, I may do more, but that is when I shall do them!

5. I’m going to manage my sleeping hours a bit more, and try and get 9 hours of sleep every night, just to ensure I am refreshed and awake in the mornings!

6. Make sure I have daily vitamins and nutrients, which will just overall help my body, and will help me get better skin, healthier hair and nicer nails!

7. Cook and bake more for my family and friends, so that it will help start off my future of cooking when I’m older!

8. Choose better and healthier options of food and drink…just try to say no to snacking on choccies and crisps during the day and go for things such as packs of dried fruit! Try to say no to Diet Cokes and hot chocolates, and don’t necessarily go for boring plain things, but experiment with healthy flavoured drinks like exotic fruit drinks!

9. Exercise (in the open, not just at home or school!) more often, by going outdoors and exercising (walking, running, etc.) three times a week for an hour. This will just keep me fit and healthy!

10. Get involved a lot more by doing things for charities, joining clubs, helping more, etc! This will help me be a better person, and get me doing more hobbies and fun stuff!

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