One big haul, so grab a cuppa, and prop your feet up on a stool.

lushJust a big collective haul, not for bragging, with shops occurring of Boots, Lush, H&M, River Island and Primark!

Yesterday I took a shopping trip with Megan from, as a ‘Big Christmas money and vouchers spending spree’, and I brought back a lot of bags, with a lot of lovely stuff that I wanted to share with you!

As we journeyed to the shopping mall, I wrote a list of shops in my mind that I wanted to visit…As the mall came into view, we stepped off the bus and found our way inside, suddenly surrounded by people busily shopping, and the warmth of the shopping centre filled us with joy…Now for the fun!

We first found ourselves in H&M, as I had £30 to spend there, and I found a beautiful silky grey jumper for £9.99. I also got another grey jumper, but it’s knitted and slightly cropped. I got this for £14.99. Another thing I got from H&M was a white t-shirt with ‘The Beatles’ printed across it, and the bands’ faces. This was £9.99, but I only got it for £3, as it was in the sale! I also bought some lip balms and nail varnishes for my friends, as it was their birthdays, and I got the two lip balms in a pack for £2.99, and the two nail varnishes in a pack for £2.99 as well!

We then went into River Island, as I had a £15 voucher, and I found a beautiful checked shirt in purples and blues for £15 in the sale, which had previously been £30! It has cute little studs on the collar and shoulders, which glams it up a little bit with a pretty sparkle!

We then went into Boots, and my friend picked up a few things, but I just bought gum! I run out so quickly, and I just found some Extra gum for 50p, and was on my way…

After a quick stop for lunch, we wandered into Primark, and I found a top in the sale for £1! It was previously £6, so I thought why not! It has little sparkly gold crosses on the front. I also found a brown snood, and had been looking for the right snood for ages and finally found one! Plus, it was in the sale, and was only £3, when before it was £8.

We were then hit with the smell of Lush, and I am crazy about Lush! I love the smells, and the products so much, so we just HAD to go in! I grabbed the Lush Times, and also a Tea Tree steamer tab for £1, and a Dream Steam steamer tab for £2.50…And then we went home and partied. Such a good day!


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