How to dress up plain outfits.

outfitsJust a quick post for you. A few tips on how to dress up plain outfits!

On some days, I need to look into these tips when I feel that there’s not enough detail or inspiration going on in one of my outfits, so I decided to do a little post on it!

1. Add a scarf.

Such a simple way to add a cosy, cute touch to a plain top and jeans! I love snoods, especially when the weather’s cold out…(and snowing!)

2. Add a necklace.

Cute necklaces with a little charm or locket at the end makes your outfit so much more interesting! Bead necklaces all the way round add lots of detail and design to any outfit, just to make it far more elegant!

3. Add layers. 

Adding a coat, or a jumper makes the look so much more wearable and cosy, and also keeps you extra warm! Faux fur is such a cute trend to stay in touch with whilst the weather freezes off our tootsies!

4. Add a hat.

A little bobble or beanie hat adds so much more effort and style to any outfit! It also makes your hair that much more cute and stylish, and hides any greasiness or frizz!

5. Add leg warmers.

Booties not keeping your legs warm? Socks not long enough? Tights just too tight and clingy? Add leg warmers to keep cosy!

6. Add colour.

Adding a splash of colour to any outfit brightens it up immediately, and makes you feel that bit more upbeat throughout the day! We especially need it in these colder months, especially when we get the ‘After-Christmas/New year blues’, and just need a bit of colour in our lives!

7. Add sparkles or prints.

Prints and sparkles make your outfit so much more adorable! They just liven you up, and make you look so effortless, but chic, so go for darker colours to show off glitter, and brighter colours to show off bold, statement prints!

8. Spice up your hair.

Change your hair into a more adventurous look of elegance and attitude. Mixing up your hairstyles and making a statement, will keep any eyes focused on your hair, not your outfit, so put on anything, and you’ll still look amazing!


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