TV Shows I’ve been enjoying at the moment.

rainHello all! It’s actually finally snowed where I am, so I’m so excited to go out and make snowmen with my fellow chums!

But as the weather is VERY cold (well, down here), you may just want to lay back on the sofa and watch some TV curled up with a hot choccie…So, today I’m going to tell you what I’ve been enjoying watching recently!

1. Miranda: BBC One

This is probably the funniest TV show I have ever watched. FACT. She’s hilarious, and it just shows her everyday life, and her just messing about with her friends and family!

2. M.I. High: CBBC

I know I may be a bit too old for this, as this is quite childish, but I’ve grown up with this, and I still find it so enjoyable, just to watch teenagers be spies!

3. Pramface: BBC Three

This is a very funny comedy about a girl and boy who struggle with parenthood. It’s actually very funny, and it’s just a nice thing to watch whilst you’re lounging about doing your nails!

4. Death in Paradise: BBC One

This is a just funny crime drama, where a detective inspector gets landed on an island to investigate crimes that happen there. Lots of twists and turns keep you on edge throughout!

5. The Big Band Theory: Channel 4 (Original channel: CBS)

This is so hilarious…I highly recommend it! It’s a very funny comedy about a group of guys who are all friends. They’re all very clever, and the geekiness of this American show adds a cute little touch.

6. Silent Witness: BBC One

This is quite a dramatic thrill of a programme. It’s about crimes and how they’re investigated and solved. This is quite full on, and some scenes aren’t appropriate for some age groups. It’s a very gripping show, but is sometimes hard to follow. It’s an hour long, so is able to bore you quite a bit if you’re not totally following the story…but I actually love this programme as a whole, and it’s very clever and carefully written.

7. The Dumping Ground: CBBC

This is another show that I’m probably a bit too old for, but yet again, Tracy Beaker was a show I grew up with, and I loved reading the stories, so I just HAVE to watch this show! It just brings back memories, and although Tracy Beaker (played by Dani Harmer) isn’t in this show, I still enjoy it very much, as you get to see how the kids handle their life together, and you also get to see a bit of comedy here and there, and of course, lots of drama!

8. Ripper Street: BBC One

This is also a very dramatic, gripping show, but also quite hard to follow in some cases, and is also an hour long, like Silent Witness. I find it’s a bit like Sherlock Holmes in some ways (which i lovelovelove), as the music, history and the detectives seem quite similar, but this is not a programme suitable for some younger children. It’s very full on, but very good and great to watch!


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