What presents I got in beauty for Christmas 2012 haul.

nailsJust wanted to do a last-minute ‘What I got for Christmas 2012’ post…I know it’s a little late, but I just wanted to tell you guys what I got…But only the beauty items I got! This is NOT for bragging, I just wanted to tell you out of fun, and just to share with you what products I got!

I received a little Disco Duck coconut dream lip balm, and I’ve never actually come across these before, but they are seriously cute! Mine is silver and glittery, and just so sweet to just pop into your handbag, and plus, it smells good too! (If you know where it’s from, please comment down below and tell me, I would love to know!)

I also received the Original Source shea butter and honey shower gel, which smells sososo good! It made me go ‘YUM!’

Another thing I received was the Gingerbread man bath blaster from Bomb Cosmetics, which fizzled into a sparkly pink colour, leaving me soaked in glitter and smelling wonderful!

I got the So…? Sinful handbag-sized body spray, which smells amazing! I think I may have just found my scent…It’s cheap and totally affordable, which is definitely a plus!

I got the L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream, which evens my skin tone out more and feels so soft on my skin, definitely worth the price!

I got the Karl Lagerfeld sun.moon.stars. perfume, and this is another scent that reminds me of So…? Sinful, which is definitely another one of my new best scents.

I got the Bourjois Paris So Laque! Ultra Shine Nail Polish in turquoise, and I wore this all the time throughout the Christmas holidays, as I love it!

I got a really pretty clear nail varnish from H&M, which has silver glitter in it, and I wore this over the top of my turquoise Bourjois nail varnish on New Year’s Eve for a sparkle!

I got a set of nail varnishes in creamy-white, blue and pink from Forever 21, as well as an eye-shadow palette, which I totally adore! The colours are so pretty, and make you shine and shimmer!

I got a lavender and mitcham mint lip balm from Original Carshalton Lavender, which I’ve never come across before, so it’s nice to find out about other brands and items! Although this is quite a hard lip balm, and you have to rub it around your finger until you can feel a creamy consistency coming on, the smell is amazing!

Lastly, I got The power of plants Botanics moisturising body balm, nourishing body butter, enlivening body polish and softening body wash from Boots in a cute little set!

I’m so grateful for all my gifts, and if you’re reading this, and you got me a present, thank you so much! I love them all, and have had fun trying out new products and having lovely surprises!


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