Little Update.

drinksThis is just a small and quick little update for you!

I’ve been looking at videos on youtube and blogs for inspiration, and I found one video which was talking about how IMPORTANT it is to wash your make-up brushes. Now, I knew that every once in a while washing your brushes is good, but what I didn’t realise, was that you should wash them at least once every week. I didn’t realise just HOW important it was, and that bacteria left on your brushes can cause spot break-outs. Even washing your eye-shadow brushes is important, as you could get an eye infection if you don’t wash them!

I also spotted a blog post about not eating after 7.00pm. This made me curious, and as I read on, I found out about all the bad things that could happen the next day, if you eat after 7.00pm. I also read that if you don’t eat after 7.00pm, it means in the morning you’ll be hungry, and you’ll be able to eat a big breakfast which will make you feel a lot better than if you’d eaten late the night before! I’m going to try this out, and hopefully I’ll be able to eat more in the mornings, as I always find it hard to eat breakfast, as I’m never normally hungry until about 10.00am, even though I start my day at 7.00am.

At the top is a picture of a trip I took to Pizza Express…YUM! I thought the picture looked quite pretty with those hearts on the table. Don’t worry, we only drank Coca-Cola from those wine glasses!


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