Favourite Winter beauty products.

bubblesI wanted to do a nice Winter favourites post, as I can’t really do a Monthly favourites beauty post every month, as I don’t buy products that much, as it takes me ages to use up make-up or beauty products! I also like using the same products again and again sometimes, as well as, well, come on, I’m only 14 so I can’t really afford it!

So, I wanted to start off with nail polishes! I have quite a few nail polishes in my favourites, and I think a few of them might be quite old. My first nail polish is the Rimmel London Lasting finish Lycra wear in number 462 Milk Chocolate! I actually LOVE this, and could not stop wearing this for AGES. I highly recommend it, as it’s probably my most favourite nail polish EVER (well, so far!) The colour is like a nude/baby pink colour, and it’s just gorgeous! I know it looks quite summery…but oh well…I’ve also loved the L’Oreal Laqui resist nail polish in number 288. The colour is a nice shiny blue/purple colour, and it’s doesn’t chip THAT easily, although my one’s getting a bit watery and old now. I’ve also been loving my two new nail polishes, which is the Bourjois Paris So laque! Ultra shine in number 61 Vert Chlorophylle. This green colour just gives my fingers a nice jazzy colour and puts me in a good mood! I’m also loving the H&M nail polish in Sparkling glitter, as it makes my nails look fresh and sparkly over other nail polishes!

Next is the Nivea Soft Refreshingly soft moisturising cream which makes my skin feel nice and smooth, and it’s also got Jojoba oil and Vitamin E in it!

Next is the Forever 21 Love&Beauty 16 shade shimmery shadow palette which gives me a choice of 16 sparkly shades which make my eyes dazzle!

I also love the Rimmel London Professional eyebrow pencil in number 002 Hazel. This just fills in my eyebrows for a nice bold look to make them stand out a lot more.

The Rimmel London Professional Glam eyes liquid liner that gives me nice straight flicks across my eyelid is also a good buy! I love it!

I just love Vaseline…Don’t you? I’ve been loving the new Lip therapy Limited edition Pink Bubbly Vaseline which soothes my lips, making them soft, slightly tinted and smelling yummy!

I know you’ve all heard me rave about the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask…But it really does work! It makes my skin look more radiant and glowing whenever I use this! Pricey…But amazing!

Ok, yes, I’m a massive Lush fan, and so I HAVE to add in a favourite Lush product, and that’s GOT to be the Limited edition Ponche Shower gel! It smells sososo good, and leaves my skin smelling wonderful and Christmas-y (yes, I know it’s not Christmas any more!) after I get out of the bath or shower. Let me just take another quick sniff of that beauty…

L’Oreal have definitely done it for me this season! Their primer AND BB Cream are AMAZING! Quite pricey, but oh my goodness, they are SO wonderful! The Studio Secrets professional primer instantly softens skin ready for applying make-up, and the Nude Magique bb cream instantly makes my skin glow, as well as containing 24 hour protection and SPF 12!

My favourite fragrance this season has got to be the Sun. Moon. Stars. Karl Lagerfeld perfume…It just smells LUSH. I’m not very good at describing perfume smells, but just go have a whiff of it and you’ll see!

So, those are my Winter beauty favourites and I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any favourites for this Winter, please comment and tell me, as I’d love to know!



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