Not so favourite Winter beauty products.

flowersOk, I did a post on what I loved during Winter, but now…I’m going to do what I didn’t like…Dundundun!!!

So. Let me start off by saying, that normally these brands sell good quality stuff…but I just wasn’t very impressed with these ones. That’s all!

Let me start off with the Garnier Fresh Essentials Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover. This looked quite good, but when I applied it to my eyes and took off my eye make-up, it stung! It might just be me who gets it, or maybe I was having an allergic reaction or something, but this is just not great at all. Maybe it works on some people, but for me…it’s just a complete no-no.

I got the No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil in number 10 Brown as I wanted to go for a more subtle look of eye liner to line my eyes, but instead, it seems like the eye liner doesn’t stand out AT all! The colour doesn’t even seem brown on my eyes, but more like grey! I didn’t like this product at all. Maybe it’s just how I’m applying it? I don’t know, but it just doesn’t work for me.

I picked up a Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Tint in number 700 Nothing But Nude, and firstly it was really good! I could definitely see a brighter colour on my lips, making them look glowy and shiny with a gorgeous hint of colour…but before I get into how good it was at the beginning, it seems that it ran out of glowing colour after only about two weeks of use! It still worked, but had hardly any difference of colour on my lips! The lip balm wasn’t too good either, as it snapped off and was always quite sticky on my lips, which didn’t feel too great!

I went shopping with my cousin and I was looking for a good waterproof mascara, and she told me that I’d love the Rimmel Glam Eyes Waterproof Mascara in number 001 Black, but to be honest, I hated it! I only wore it about three times! It was good for my needs, as it was waterproof, but the brush of the mascara didn’t give my lashes any volume and lift! I thought, well, I might as well wear none, than wear this!

So! Those were my not so favourite beauty products for Winter…It was just a few, as I didn’t have a lot that I wasn’t pleased about! So, I hope you enjoyed this post and have a good evening!

Also a quick, cute picture at the top of this post, because my friend was wearing this pretty little flowery top, and I thought I’d share it with you!


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