Tartan and crosses…The new trends?

crossesHello lovelies! Now, I was thinking about tartan…and how it seems to be in fashion at the moment. I actually don’t own anything which is tartan, but I think I may want to invest in a piece. Not just because it’s a new trend at the moment, as I don’t always like following trends, but just because I love how it’s so versatile and can make a low-key outfit become very trendy!

It’s mainly tartan scarves that I’ve seen out and about and whilst browsing on youtube and looking at my favourite bloggers.

Lily’s video features a tartan scarf: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8cXumpGbwg

So does ThePersianbabe’s video in look 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgQnCjsCPhQ

So does She Wears Fashion’s blog post: http://www.shewearsfashion.com/2013/01/dont-say-word.html

I’ve been totally inspired to try out a little tartan scarf so that it adds a really pretty pop of colour to a darker outfit whilst out in the snow, or even just to wear to school or work to feel very quirky and cute!

Another trend I’ve been spying quite a lot recently are pieces with crosses on them. Is this also a new trend? Leave a comment to what you think. There’s a picture of my friend’s jumper with crosses on at the top!


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