Valentine’s day…What will you be doing?

braceletsSo, Valentine’s day is coming up, and I know that a lot of people will be single, but this doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it! It can just be an excuse to just chill and celebrate being you!

I know it all seems quite cheesy, but all you need is good food and a quick pamper!

So, start off by running yourself a warm bath and get your bath products ready! I love Lush goodies, as I think everyone knows, so I would just treat myself to a bubble bar, bath bomb or bath melt with maybe a shower scrub and shower gel. Anything will do as long as you can relax and enjoy yourself with maybe a few candles…(be careful!) and some sweet smelling goodies!

Then dry your hair and finish with some hair products (if you need inspiration for hair products, try this> and then get into your jimjams or snuggly onesie and go get the choccies!

Lay out the choccies on the bed and then grab some nail polishes to paint your nails with and some nice jewellery…(I like stackable bracelets like the picture up there^), some CDs to dance to, some good reading material, and maybe some movies!

Just chill and enjoy the night, and…Will you be my Valentine?




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