Leather and Lace.

laceSo, this post is on leather and lace, I mean, they both start with the letter ‘L’, they’re both completely different types of material to each other, and they’re both completely different styles…the perfect combination!

How could you pair leather and lace together? Well, Megan’s (from http://littlegothgirlblog.blogspot.co.uk/) favourite two materials for clothing are leather and lace, and I see her wear it all the time! It’s just…how DOES she pull it off?!

Just follow these three tips to pull it off:

1. Go with the same types of colour schemes. You could have black leather and white lace, or you could have two popping colours of leather and lace, or just the same colour for both of them!

2. The right style. So, we all know that leather and lace are two completely different styles, but we can mix these two styles together to get a totally different style! We can make them both completely edgy with a leather jacket with studs and a cropped lace top, or we can make them both really laid-back and casual with a pretty lace dress and a little leather bag!

3. The right types of accessories. If you go for a more girly and laid-back style, accessorize with pieces that match that look, like a cute little flower hair-clip or a nice long silver necklace with a pretty charm at the end! If you’re going for a more edgy look, then pile up on studded jewellery and paint your nails a dark, but subtle colour…I love the classic black nail for a rock-chick look.


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