Khaki cool.

012What have I seen practically EVERY person wearing? Well, it’s got to be the Military chic style everyone’s been raving about for sure! It’s such a casual and laid-back look, but totally stunning at the same time…The only problem is, that practically everyone has been wearing it. If you like to follow the trends, then totally go for a over-sized camouflage jacket, which I have been totally LOVING! (New Look do great jackets!) But if you like to go for individual styles, but still want to be loving that Military chic look, then go for trousers or a printed scarf instead! I’ve seen too many jackets and coats with the camouflage print…Time to see more different pieces of clothing with the print on!

I have a pair of trousers from French Connection in a lovely khaki colour, with cute little buckles on them…You don’t HAVE to necessarily go for a printed item…Anything in khaki with a bit of detailing still counts! Above is a picture of my jeans…Here’s a close-up:

003(That white spot on there is really annoying me…Sorry, I didn’t notice when I took the picture!)



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