Faux-fur or florals?

001So. Today let’s talk about faux-fur…And then I’ll get onto some vibrant babbling talk on florals and why they are so IN right now!

Some animal activists find that faux-fur sends the wrong message out to customers. They find that it sends a message that real fur is actually fashionable…But maybe faux-fur sends a message out to designers that people really do like FAUX-fur? My mind is sort of in between both thoughts. Does it send a bad message, or maybe a good message to want faux-fur, and not real fur…What are your thoughts? I totally respect other people’s opinions and thoughts on whether faux-fur sends out a good or bad message, but to be honest, I’m not too sure what message I agree it sends out! Although, I do own faux-fur boots and a nice faux-fur gilet from Miss Fiori, which is pictured above, and a close up is below. I just wanted to know what your opinions on this matter is, and I’d love to hear them!:-)

002So let’s get onto some lovely bubbly talk on that massive colourful and wonderful print that I shall be wearing next season…FLORALS! Florals are so vibrant and beautiful that the colours and the pattern just cheer you up so much! Florals are PERFECT for Spring and Summer…Let’s make florals put a SPRING in our step! (Get it?) Ha ha. I shall not do a joke like that again…I promise!;-)


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