Print mad.


Quick post! At the moment I’ve been loving Animal and Galaxy prints…Cute little animals which just decorate jewellery, clothes and even badges make them so cute!:-) Galaxy prints are so IN right now, and Topshop have even made shopping bags with the print on, which I own, haha.

I love animal prints, including patterned animal prints, like leopard prints, etc. Just because they add so much interest into an outfit, and also either make you look edgy or just simply cute! The picture above is my necklace featuring a peacock from Claire’s…I actually got it in France! There is also some badges in the picture, and these are from Liz Padgham-Major. Below is a close-up:

020My nails do not look flattering in this…And I really need to re-paint this bed-side table…Chips everywhere!

Galaxy prints are just so interesting and original…They just add a hint of glamour, and individuality! I’ve also seen a lot of bloggers rocking this trend, so keep your eyes peeled!


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