006Tips to make an outfit into an elegant masterpiece? Throw in these beauties. Velvet and peter-pan collars are just amazing to make an every-day outfit into something, just ‘wow’.

Velvet adds a twist to any outfit, by throwing in different textures and materials, and if you go for a bright colour of velvet, say red, it gives a pop of colour to an otherwise boring outfit!

Peter-pan collars (including peter-pan collar necklaces) add a hint of glamour, and they too make an outfit more fun and flirty, just like velvet! Go for lots of different textures or patterns to liven up different outfits! Pictured above is my peter-pan collar necklace from Sainsbury’s! It adds a gorgeous sparkle to any outfit…Here’s a close-up:


  1. abookonthebrightside said:

    That necklace is gorgeous! Can’t believe it’s from Sainsos! Haha, nice post 🙂

    • Heehee, thanks!:) I know, I was like, wow! Yes Sainsbury’s!;)

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