Tricks and tips to get kissable lips.

003Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but as I said in a recent post, I have had a busy week this week! But I thought I’d update my blog on a matter that has come up. Dry lips. Where I live, it’s been so cold recently, and it even snowed this week! This has made many of our lips dry, and in need of help! Also as Valentine’s Day, has just gone, I was going to post this up before, for some tips on nice lips, but I didn’t have time!=( But oh well, I’ll do it anyway!=)

1. Wet your lips and exfoliate them. I do this by applying either a lip scrub (Lush do very good ones!) Or I take my toothbrush and scrub my lips with it for about 10 seconds. This gets all the dry skin away, and leaves your lips looking more fresh and clean.

2. Stay away from staining drinks like coffee or tea. This can stain your lips. You could either cut down on those drinks, and not have them so regularly, or you could use a straw.

3. Hydrate your lips by drinking water. Drinking more water will help your lips by making them more smooth and refreshed!

4. Heat can dry out lips. If you can stay away from a lot of heat, this will help a lot, especially when you’re in the sun, and are in need of a way to protect your lips…Try a lip balm that contains Spf!

5. Obviously keep moisturising lips with lip balms. I love using my Vaseline lip balms…They are my everyday need!

6. Stay away from lip-sticks if your lips are crusty and dry. This will just make them look even crustier and worse, so go for a lip-liner and lip-tint/stain or gloss, or you could even try mixing matte blush or matte eye-shadow with a lip balm to give lasting colour! (Try concealer and lip balm for a nude lip!)

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  2. lianism said:

    Oh I see! no wonder my lips are looking dry with lipsticks, I should go for lip gloss!

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