A number of things.


Hello! Today I’m going to do quite a long post, and it’s slightly different to what I would normally post, as I feel so inspired today! You know? I’ve been looking at blogs, and have got quite a few ideas, although I do still get a bit stuck from time to time, so feel free to leave a comment asking me to do a post on something or other! I also feel like I’ve done too many posts talking about styles that are ‘in’, and not necessarily just posts on styles that I love, or that I wear…I don’t normally just ‘follow’ trends, although I do love some particular ones at the moment, but I do like following my own style and my own individual tastes in clothing! So I might get round to doing a few OOTDs or just a few snippets of my ramblings on clothes on a few posts, so stay tuned!


As you might have noticed, I felt like I should change my picture on my ‘Simply me’ page, and on my Gravatar profile, as I got a bit bored of my ‘moody-look’ picture that I’ve had for about six months! I am 14 you know…Even though I suppose both those pictures have either been sepia or black and white, which I suppose is a bit mainstream, and not really colourful…But oh well! Anyway, moving on, I’ve also added another ‘New year’s resolution’ to my list (you might have seen my post about my resolutions a while back). It’s basically just to do something creative each week, like making a collage, scrap-book, doodling, writing a diary, writing stories, writing songs, writing a dream diary…(Where you write down dreams that you want to remember) Although I have about a ton of art I need to do for my art coursework…I think I’m going to have to spend most of my half term with a tub of ice cream and just doing artwork for days on end! But on the subject of songs, I just want to quickly share with you two new songs I just can’t get enough of:

66954_349611835147384_1901888901_nHand and stand

1. Latch by Disclosure feat. Sam Smith.

So powerful and moving. Basically I just love it.

2. I Love It by Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX.

My oh my. This song is just amazing. Aren’t these girls just ah-mazing?! They’re style is just so cool. Yes. What an amazing way to sum up their style…But I just can’t really find the best word at the moment. Forgive me, it’s too early.

16288_349611908480710_989941146_nPosters and scarf

Anyway, I hope you like these arts-y pictures I took yesterday…Featured all over this post…By me.


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