Cheap and easy hair.

Hair tips and tricks that are cheap and quick! Enjoy!

How to get curls:858896_351301411645093_498296869_o

I have naturally curly hair, but I don’t normally have properly tight curls, but whenever I put my hair into plaits for the day, or at night, and then take them out, I get tighter curls than usual! Most people use curling irons to get curls, but if you want a quicker and easier way to achieve curls, than just put your hair into plaits at night, or during the day, and then take them out, and you’ve got curls!

 How to get crimped and frizzy hair:421910_351301484978419_1469991896_n

Follow the same steps to get curls, and then brush your hair! Your hair will look crimped and wavy! No need for crimpers, when you could get the same sort of effect for free!

 How to get the twisted pony look:58805_351301341645100_2070776826_n

 So, this is actually quite hard to explain in words that are written down, but basically just part your hair into two even sections, and then on the side that you want the pony to stay, just put it into a normal pony, and then on the opposite side, part into two sections, and use the furthest away section to the opposite hair and twist around, and wrap around the top of the pony. Then with the remaining hair that you have left to twist around, just part it into two sections, and then take the furthest section away and twist around on the pony again, and then the other part you take again, and twist around the pony! (I hope this makes sense!) Just fiddle around with it to make it look perfect and sleek, and add any hair accessories that you want, and you’re good to go!

  1. lianism said:

    I think I get it, will definitely try to make the twisted ponytails!! It looks good!

    • Haha, good! Phew, I was worried no one would get it! Haha, thanks!:)

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