The fiver haul.

419303_351514824957085_1474952400_nSo, what did you do today? Well, I went shopping. But don’t worry…I just picked up a few things, haha. And also I’m going to add something I bought a few days ago into it as well:) But all together it only costed me a fiver!

The other day I went shopping and bought Danni Minogue’s autobiography…For £1. Yes. £1. It was from the 99p store, and I was just like, ‘Bargain.’ Wait, it must have been 99p then…Ha ha. I’m not even really a fan of Danni Minogue that much to be honest, but I love autobiographies…(And any books for that matter!) And come on, it was only £1!

Now, for what I bought today…I bought a new lippie in Boots from Natural Collection for £2, and then in Superdrug I bought a new blusher and a new bronzer (to get ready for Summer!) and both were from MUA, and were £1 each!:) Bargains! (I shall be doing reviews on all these in future posts when I’ve properly tried them, so that you can see what shades they are in, what I think of them and what they look like!)

So that was just a quick post on a haul, because people have told me that they like hauls, so I’m not bragging! Anyway, stay tuned for more posts!


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