Music is such a beautiful thing.

Just a quick post for you all, just before I go off to my dance show…

So at the moment I cannot get enough of these two songs…Let me tell you a little bit about them…

(Images off the internet)

flawsFlaws by Bastille is probably my favourite song at the moment, and I’m addicted to the band! Such a cute song, and the music video is really quirky, and just fabulous!:D

zedd-clarity-feat-foxes-acoustic-versionI found Clarity by Zedd feat Foxes when browsing the latest songs in the chart on the BBC website, and I loved it! Foxes and Zedd combined bring such amazing talent together! It really gets you wanting to dance your socks off!;)

Anyway, I hope you liked this quick post, and I was asked to do a lot more music posts, so I shall do a whole load more coming soon! Bye bye for now!

  1. ZEDD is very good. I saw him at Jingle Ball and while the first few performances were good, he was the one who got things going.

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