Hair i’m loving right now.

I’m loving curls at the moment. Fresh, tight curls. I’ve always had curly hair, but I really want to accentuate them a bit more, so I decided that I would browse eBay for a Baby Curls Her Styler! I’ve heard lots of good reviews on them, and so I thought that I might try them out…Hopefully! But anyway, here are some girls’ hair who I’m really wanting to recreate with the curlers, just so I can have more defined curls!

(Images from the web, which I created into a collage)

PicMonkey Collage1. Janet Devlin has always been a big inspiration to me, and she was always the one that I wanted to win on The X Factor!

2. Taylor Swift has also always inspired me with her music and song writing, as music is also another of my passions.

3. The Carrie Diaries has already aired in America, and I’m really hoping it will come to the UK soon, but I’ve seen all the clips and trailers on YouTube, and I’m loving AnnaSophia Robb’s hair!

4. The girl from the Wither book and trailer by Lauren DeStefano has beautiful hair, and the books are AMAZING too (although I haven’t read Sever yet…).

So that’s your post for today folks, and I’ve been feeling really ill today, and so have been pondering on blog ideas, and I thought that maybe if you have any ideas, you could always contact me via email and tell me, or even if you just want a general chitchat! My email is:


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