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So, I decided to show you what I plan to wear tomorrow for Easter! I’ve done this slightly earlier, as I’m only going to do two quick posts tomorrow (Instaweek and Nail inspiration…Look out for them!), and so I decided to do this today instead!

10208_366651676776733_1990756503_nMy black pencil skirt is from New Look, and I paired it with my white shirt from H! By Henry Holland, with my Per Una baby blue slightly cropped jumper over the top! I’m also wearing see-through tights, as I don’t want to get chilly, and I then added a bit of sparkle with a jewelled heart pendant necklace, and two sets of bead necklaces! (One looking like fake white pearls, and the other a shiny grey metallic colour) I can’t remember where I got these necklaces from exactly…But I’m sure you could find dupes for these in most jewellery shops. I can’t wait to wear this tomorrow, with my pearly pink nails…(Post on that coming tomorrow…) But I hope you enjoyed this, and have a lovely Easter (If you celebrate it) But I shall also wish you a happy Easter tomorrow too, haha;) Bye for now!


We all like cheap, good quality stuff, don’t we?! So, I thought that I’d share with you a few items that I think are worth it, for less!

1. Natural Collection

Ok, so I suppose they aren’t amazing, BUT I think they are really good under-eye concealers, and they do an alright job on concealing imperfections, but I always think that concealers aren’t as important as foundations or powders etc. So I think we can invest in cheap concealers which are ALRIGHT.

2. Natural Collection lip glosses.lipgloss

These are actually really good lip glosses! I don’t wear gloss that often though, as I always seem to manage to lick it off…(Not nice.) But these are great, quite pigmented and don’t leave lips too sticky!

3. Natural Collection lip sticks.boots_natural_collection_lipstick.preview

The lip sticks actually amaze me by how good they are! They’re highly pigmented, and give off a gorgeous sheen, and they have so many pretty colours to choose from! The only problem is that they seem to come off really easily, so you have to re-apply regularly, which is annoying!

4. MUA blushes.img-thing

Blushes are also something that I don’t find very important…I think any sort of blush is fine, so I go for cheap, good quality blushes like these! They’re really good, and with the right kind of brush, you an make these blushes look amazing! Great pigmentation, and only for a pound! Amazing deal!

5. MUA bronzers.bronzer-shade1

Bronze, as I’ve said for blush and concealer, are also another thing that I go cheap with. Yes, this may not be the BEST bronzer, as it’s a bit TOO sparkly and not as greatly pigmented, but I think it does what can be expected for a pound! I use this regularly, and it’s just the right finish for me, as I don’t need that much bronze, and to be honest, don’t really care for it!

I hope you liked this post! I always like good deals on good quality make-up, so I hope I gave you a few good ideas for new, cheap purchases. Bye for now!

006I’m here for another tag! I found this on Ingrid (missglamorazzi’s) channel, and I’ve seen it everywhere, so I thought I might join in, as it looks like a lot of fun!

1. Favourite spring nail polish?

I’ve actually just mentioned this in my last post, and it’s the Love & Beauty Forever 21 bubblegum pink coloured polish!

2. What is your must-have lip color this spring?

I like nudes, but I might go for a coral, or light red or pink, but at the moment I’ve been using the Natural Collection lip stick in the colour Rose Bud…Look out for a review soon!

3. Show us your favorite spring dress!

I don’t really wear dresses that much to be honest, and only really ever wear them to special occasions, but I always bring this long floaty dress/top to the beach to put over my bikini, if this counts? (Picture at the top)

4. What’s your favorite flower?

Roses! What a cliché, but roses have always been my favourite spring/summer flowers!

5. Favorite spring scarf/accessory?

Sunnies are a must, and I also have a cute pink bird scarf which is perfect for spring! Bows are so cute too!

6. What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? (Makeup, fashion or both!)

Brights and neons (lip colours, nail polishes and fashion) and also big, bold prints and florals!

7. Favourite spring candle?

I actually need to stock up on candles to decorate my room with, as I only have one at the moment, and it doesn’t really smell of anything! But my mum always seems to be burning nice scents, like florals or vanilla, so maybe something like that!

8. Favourite body spray/perfume for spring?

I actually just talked about this in my last post too! I like all of Natural Collection and So…?’s body sprays as they’re so uplifting and light!

9. What is spring like where you live?

At the moment it feels like Winter, with the occasional flicker of sunlight, but last year it was so hot and beautiful, with flowers, bees and the gorgeous sun and sky!

10. What’s your favourite thing about spring?

Looking forward to days at the beach, long strolls in the park, picnics in the garden, and changing your wardrobe!

11. Are you a spring cleaner?

Well, I’m re-organising my room and wardrobe at the moment, and I’ll be stocking up on new spring fashion finds, and make-up, so I suppose in a way?!

12. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?

No, not really, but I want to have a few beach days, trips to London and shopping with friends, but I think in the Summer break we might go camping or to France!

I hope you enjoyed this and also try this out! I would tag Megan from mynamesmegan, but she’s already done this, so I’ll just tag Shona from freshbeautyxox!

PicMonkey CollageIt’s time to sort out your make-up, and swap your Winter goodies for Spring!

1. Change your scent.

Changing your scent from deep and musky Winter scents, to a floral, light and fun scent for Spring is easy! For Winter, my signature scent was Karl Lagerfeld’s Sun, Moon and Stars, and this is nice, as it smells musky and  is strong and lingering, but for Spring, I think I will go with a number of fresh body sprays from the Natural Collection and So…? range, as these really do the trick to be a bit more uplifted, and they can easily fit in your bag when you’re on the go!

2. Change your nail colours.

Pastels are huge right now, and will change up your wardrobe and look, by making you feel very summery and cute! Tuck the deep and dark colours away, like dark reds and blacks, and go for baby blues, and bubblegum pinks! I’ll be swapping my favourite Winter polish (Natural Collection’s Cosmic Crush), for my Love & Beauty Forever 21 bubblegum pink coloured polish! (I showed you this in a past post!)

3. Get out the tan.

Get out the tan! (If you want, and need it) And if you just feel like getting more of a glow for your pins! I personally love the St. Tropez tans, and feel they give a nice finish!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and got a few ideas on how to change up your look this Spring!

(Pictures off the internet)

illustrationsmallI’m so lucky that so many bloggers have emailed back and agreed to take part in my guest blogger series! This post is on Hayley from, and she’s such an inspiration! Go check her out, and read on for her lovely answers!
1.Why did you start your blog, and did anyone inspire you?
I started my blog because I loved watching beauty videos on YouTube, but didn’t have the confidence to film myself. I’ve never looked back! I wouldn’t say that there are specific people that inspired me, but the community as a whole is pretty great!
2.What do you do other than blogging?
I’m currently sitting my highers (Scottish a levels) in maths, Enlish, phsyics, chemistry and human biology, and I work part time at an aquarium. I also read a lot, play guitar and love to bake.
3.What’s been the best experience that you’ve had during your time blogging?
Getting to make such amazing friends!
4.Do you have any people/things that inspire you?
For blogging my major inspiration is Rosie from The Londoner, but outside of blogging I really want to go to Edinburgh University, so my inspiration is to get there really.
5.What camera do you use?
A kind of rubbish Fujifilm Finepix, it’s 10mp.
6.How would you describe your style?
I wouldn’t really say I’m very stylish. So I’d say I have a ‘simple style’.
7.What’s your favourite and essential item of clothing/accessory you think everyone should have?
A good pair of skinny jeans! 
8.Do you have any favourite designers?
Not really, it’s not something I really pay attention to if I’m honest.
9.Which places do you often shop at?
H&M, New Look, Topshop and Lush.
10.If you could steal anyone’s wardrobe, who’s would you steal? 
Alexa Chung’s or Audrey Kitching’s.
SelfPortrait2June2011-300x199Hello! And yes, I have another blogger interview for you! So yesterday I also got an email back from Jayne, from! I was so excited about her answers, and also the fact that I got the privilege to even email her and get emailed back! Read on for her amazing answers!
1.Why did you start your blog, and did anyone inspire you?
I started my blog in 2009, I was writing pieces for local magazines and wanted an outlet for writing about my own interests and chosen topics. I used my blog as a way to practise writing so I could improve my writing for other sources. I never knew that it would become such a big thing in the future, it was just me being creative in my own outlet.
2.What do you do other than blogging?
I work in social media. I’ve worked for lots of beauty brands doing elements of digital marketing and PR, I specialise in social media though, and also working with bloggers. I’m very lucky to work in an industry so close to my personal interests.
3.What’s been the best experience that you’ve had during your time blogging?
Total cliché, but totally the people I’ve met. Pretty much all of my best friends at the moment I have met via my blog. I’ve also gained a lot of my jobs through my blog and social media too. I also love getting to go to press events and meeting industry people that otherwise I may not have met. It’s very exciting.
4.Do you have any people/things that inspire you?
It was only when I started using Twitter that I realised how big blogging was and the potential it had to be something bigger than just writing for fun. I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with fellow bloggers such as British Beauty Blogger, London Beauty Queen and Big Fashionista who have all inspired me to grow as a blogger and not to be afraid of being myself and having an opinion. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by all these inspiring bloggers all day, every day.
5.What camera do you use?
Most of the time I use a DSLR, Nikon D40, which I’ve had a long time. I did photography as part of my University Degree, so I’ve had this camera since then. It’s pretty basic now compared to newer models in its price bracket, but it still works for me. I also use a flash gun so that I can work around any lighting issues. When I’m making videos or at an event I take a Nikon Coolpix because it’s lightweight and easy to use.
6.How would you describe your style?
I always joke that I dress like a children’s TV presenter. I like bright, primary colours and cute prints. I’m influenced by vintage styles from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s but like to have a contemporary twist. I can’t resist anything nautical themed and my main colour combination is blue and red. I don’t follow fashions, I just wear what I like.
7.What’s your favourite and essential item of clothing/accessory you think everyone should have?
Another cliché here, but you can’t go wrong with a good quality bag and coat. If you’re going to spend, these are the two things not to skimp on. Something classic and good quality will last you for many years. For me, I’ve got a cashmere blend peter pan collared coat from Jigsaw and a classic red Cambridge Satchel. They were big expenses at the time, but I know they will last many years.
8.Do you have any favourite designers?
I don’t follow fashions but I love seeing the creativity and individuality of certain designers and their labels. Some of my favourite designers are Orla Kiely, Marc Jacobs, Charlotte Olympia and Moschino Cheap and Chic.
9.Which places do you often shop at?
I find it really hard to shop on the high street, as I’m a difficult size and fussy about quality. If I could afford it I would love to shop Hobbs NW3 and Boutique by Jaeger. But instead I tend to head to the sales in Joules, Gap and Laura Ashley a lot. I’ve recently become a fan of Uniqlo for essentials and have found a few nice bits in Forever 21.
10.If you could steal anyone’s wardrobe, who’s would you steal?
For glamour I would steal Dita Von Teese’s whole look, but for a more practical look I would like to steal the wardrobes of Zooey Deschanel’s character in New Girl and Emma Pilsbury from Glee. I love their kitsch, colourful, vintage inspired style.

I’ve been asked to post more regularly, which is so sweet! So, in preparation for this Easter on Sunday, some of you are probably wondering what to wear…And the others thinking of chocolate…;) But I really didn’t know what to wear…So I looked on-line for some inspiration, and found some really cute outfit ideas!

easterThis Oversized Chunky Cable Knit Blue Jumper from Romwe is a perfect fashion find for Easter! If it’s quite chilly where you are at the moment, then you’ll need to make sure you have jumpers at hand…So this is a perfect bright, spring coloured find! Next is a vibrant Mint Backpack from Chicwish, which I’m lusting after at the moment! It’s so cute, and just puts a smile on my face! The Retro Ruffle Black Skirt from Romwe is also just a key item for your wardrobe, as skater skirts are now on-trend, and also let you show off your legs.;)


The Smile Face Knit Sweater in Blue from Chicwish is just a fun and playful sweater, great for hunting Easter eggs in, whilst out in the cold…Or sun! Pair it with this Grafea Popcorn Yellow Leather Rucksack to brighten it up even more, and also add some edge with these awesome Errin Frayed Denim Hotpants In Blue from Missguided! Super stylish, and so trendy!

(All images off the internet)