Walking on the yellow-brick road.


(Picture off the internet)

So, Oz: The Great and Powerful came out on Friday, and I went to see it yesterday, and I absolutely loved it! So gripping, funny, charming, sweet, but also quite scary…I loved the little monkey and china doll, they’re so cute! And I also loved Mila, Rachel, James and Michelle in their wonderful roles! They played the parts really well, and I loved all the costumes (including Mila’s leather leggings and wide-brimmed hat!) and also the beautiful make-up and hair! The effects and lighting, and also the filming and photography of this film were also brilliant, and it’s such a good joyful film for all the family!

I also found a few tutorials on-line on youtube for all the main make-up looks, so go check out Michelle Phan’s channel for Glinda’s look, and also Pixiwoo’s channel for all of the girls’ looks too!

I also just wanted to wish all Mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s day! I’m celebrating mine with my mum and family, so be sure to wish your Mother a Happy Mother’s day too! Bye for now!


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