Green garden.

So today I have no school because of the snow…Blimey there’s a lot! If you follow me on instagram, then you would of seen a few pictures I’ve put up!

301578_359322687509632_1152379258_aAnyway, so today I might go get a hot chocolate with my friends and play out in the snow…As well as watch a few Disney films! I’m watching Up right now…And I’ll also do some blogging! I changed up my nails again, and so here they are…And I promise this is a different colour to my last one! This colour does look sort of the same, but in the light, and when looking at it, it looks way different! It’s a sort of shiny, sparkly white colour, with some lilac hues. It’s in the same range as the last one, which is Forever 21 Love & Beauty, and I really love the range…And Forever 21!

I also thought I’d show you last week’s Instaweek, as I forgot to post my collage! So here it is!

PicMonkey CollageThe first picture is of my eye make-up that I wore when I went to see Oz at the cinema, and I normally wear my eye make-up like this a lot! The second picture is of my pancake…Made into a pizza! It tasted good! The third is of the double-waistband jeans from Rihanna’s River Island range that I found in Instyle! So fashionable. The next one is of a smiley face. Just to remind you to keep smiling! Next is a picture of my magazines and catalogues that I’m reading at the moment! Then there’s a picture of the monkey and china doll from Oz, which were my favourite characters! They’re so cute!


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