Beauty products worth the hype.

KindToSkinMoisturingFacialWash550_lrg product_320891327072349 3036 569452_lHello again, for the second time today…I shall also do my instaweek pictures and sunday ootd later as well…So lucky you;) Ha ha. (All pictures off the internet)

Anyway, I thought I’d do a beauty products worth the hype post…So let’s start!

1. This Simple moisturising facial wash is apparently no.1 in the UK, and I’m not surprised! It is quite moisturising, and feels good against the skin…It doesn’t really specially help with spots or anything like that:(, but I can’t really moan about that, as it doesn’t say that it will. But it does moisturise and refresh, which is what it says!

2. Okay, this is my new love. Literally…Apart from Nina Nesbitt and her song, ‘Stay Out’, but anyway! This has been crazy around the blogosphere, and I’m convinced that this is probably one of the best powders around…Well, it’s the best powder I’ve ever used so far, anyway! This literally buffs up your skin creating a brilliant finish, looking flawless, hiding greasiness, spots, etc.! I really recommend this…Apart from the fact that my powder broke!:(

3. REN Radiance Renewal Glycolactic Mask is also an amazing product, apart from that it’s a bit pricey…But I go on about this to all my friends, and blog, but it is true…This is an amazing product! I use it once a week, and it refreshes my skin, and makes it a bit more refreshed!

4. The limited edition Vaseline Pink Bubbly is also a great find! We all know that Vaseline is pretty damn good, but this one smells extra special, tints the lips, and just keeps it shiny and fresh! Perfect over lippie to give a lipgloss effect, and to add to the colour!

  1. I always have the best luck with Rimmel products. I’ve never seen the powder specifically here in the US, but I am sure they sell some type of equivalent. I really hate when powders/eyeshadows break! Oh man, it’s like the saddest thing in the world in the moment you realize you’ve broken it. Hopefully your powder didn’t have much left when it broke.

    • Me too! I love Rimmel’s mascaras as well!:) Ahhh, I know, I hate it when they break:(

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