If you wanna, walk this way.

vans-authentic-neon-collection-1(Pictures off the internet)

I’ve been so mesmerised by Vans shoes at the moment. I seriously love them. I swear everyone has been walking around in a pair, strutting their stuff, and I look at my feet and see boots which are falling apart…I don’t really like following the trends, as much as I do love finding out what they are, it’s just then I look like everyone else…What’s the fun in that? But these Vans are so beautiful…My friend was sporting a neon, bright blue the other day, and that’s when I fell for them…

glam083_lI’ll tell you another story shall I? Well, I saw Gwen McMullin’s youtube video and blog post today, and disco pants made another return to my heart. Her video and post was about how she styles disco pants, and I just fell for them too! Wow, they go with anything! I don’t know, you could even style them with dresses over the top! Oh my, that would actually look amazing…Okay, bye for now…I shall just go and wander into my little dream world alone…


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