TAG: Favourite senses.

maxwell-duncan-coastal-sea-cliffs-and-sea-stacks-near-cape-wrath-and-sandwood-bay-highland-region-scotland(Picture does not belong to me)

1. Favourite sound?

My favourite sound is probably rain, running bath water, or the sound of waves on the sea! Sounds so beautiful. Also any music…

2. Favourite smell?

Freshly mowed grass, roses, wintry scents and the smell of burning wood whilst cosying up on the sofa!

3. Favourite texture/feel?

I love the feel of silk, and also faux-fur wooly blankets and gilets!

4. Favourite taste/food?

Chocolate…NOM. I also love crisps and chips…And battered fish…Guilty pleasures.

5. Favourite sight?

The beach, or beautiful landscapes and cliffs, with the sun setting in the background…Such a great feeling…Can’t wait ’till Summer!

I felt like doing another tag straight away, as they’re so fun to do! So I tag everyone…But I would love for http://thecoyotethistle.com/, http://noellescloset.wordpress.com/ and http://joannaloves.com/ to do this tag especially! Bye for now!


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