The new must-have beauty tools?

PicMonkey Collage6I’ve seen so many people rave about beauty blenders and tangle teezers…I think they must be the new lust-worthy products that apparently ‘every girl needs’…But are they? They’re so expensive, that I’m sure we could find cheaper dupes? My friend has TWO tangle teezers, and yes, I’ve tried them out…And I have to say…They are perfection. They don’t tug or pull at your hair making it hurt, whilst brushing away tangles and ‘teezing’ up your hair. Beauty blenders seem to do the trick too…They apparently blend in perfectly (as I’ve seen on youtube and in reviews), and they seem to be really handy! I really want to purchase them, but I can’t really spend £15 on just a brush with my pocket money…There are just too many things I want/need, that I can’t really think about buying a brush for that amount, although this does seem like quite a bargain for what it does! I might see if I could get it for my birthday (although it’s a long time away) or maybe with my holiday money, or by doing a few more jobs to earn a bit more…Beauty blenders on the other hand are about £20 I think…They are magical, but I’m sure I could find a cheaper version somewhere…Just look for a ball-shaped sponge, and that’ll do the trick…Hopefully! Just make sure to blend perfectly!


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