Share the love zoella and sprinkle of glitter: Part 1

This is a four-part series…I’ll be sharing with you a few blogs that I recommend and have been reading for quite a long time now…So, let’s get started!


I’ve been reading Zoe, from Zoella’s blog for a while now…I’m sure a lot of you probably know who she is! She’s huge around the blogosphere, and for good reason too!

She’s so inspirational…Her blog is just so lovely to read, and her youtube videos just make me giggle, and lust after all the products she talks about! She also talks about her struggles with anxiety, and shares amazing tips, and has a great outlook on life! She’s so beautiful, and I adore her clothes…I want to be her best friend…Haha;) Go check out her blog…I dare you!

Sprinkle Of Glitter:

Louise from Sprinkle of glitter has also been on my blog list for a while, as she is such an amazing, lovely, and beautiful woman! Did I mention that her and Zoe are best friends?!

She is one very talented writer, and hooks me straight into her posts, whether they’re about fashion or beauty, and I just love seeing her blogs, videos and updates, as they just make me smile! She’s so bubbly and care-free, and always full of energy, fun…And glitter! Did I mention baby glitter is the cutest thing? Check out her blog…NOW!

I hope you enjoyed this first post in the series…Stay tuned for more, and I hope you found some good new blogs! Comment below with any bloggers you think I should check out…Bye for now!


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