Get into the D.I.Y mood.

I’m starting to get into the D.I.Y mood…Cue music.

I always have my phases of making things, and sewing things…I especially get into them when I spot some pretty awesome videos or need to brighten up my wardrobe a bit with some amazing finds…At the moment I’m in the process of re-organising my wardrobe, and having a little de-clutter…(At the moment all of my clothes seem to be spread across my room…) And I feel like I need to jazz up a few pieces for spring and summer! So, let me share with you a few cute D.I.Y videos I’ve spotted recently!

0Bethany Mota’s video on how to D.I.Y a bow-back top, inspired me greatly! I really can’t wait to try this out on a few tops, as it seems so simple and easy, and just a great way to freshen up, and add interest to a spring/summer wardrobe!

upcycleAndrea from Andrea’s Choice’s video on how to up-cycle old tees, is great inspiration for new ideas on jazzing up old tees, or also making new items out of old tees, and just have fun with material!



Here’s a few songs to get you grooving whilst sewing and glueing!:

  • Jakwob – Fade (feat. Maiday)
  • Kodaline – High Hopes
  • Fun. – Some Nights
  • M.I.A. – Paper Planes


  1. If only I could get away with wearing something like that(; lol

    • Haha, yeah;) Not too sure if it will suit me too, aha, but I thought I’d just try it out:)

      • well it would suit you better then it would me. lol. (:

      • Haha yeah, obviously;)

      • lol okay we agree on that. (: well keep up the posts. I like your blog. Good work(:

      • Haha, yes, thankyou!:) I like yours too! The pictures are really good:)

      • no problem and thank you. I’m glad you like them(:

      • my sister would probably like it though(:

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