It’s time to clean up your make-up and get ready for Spring!

PicMonkey CollageIt’s time to sort out your make-up, and swap your Winter goodies for Spring!

1. Change your scent.

Changing your scent from deep and musky Winter scents, to a floral, light and fun scent for Spring is easy! For Winter, my signature scent was Karl Lagerfeld’s Sun, Moon and Stars, and this is nice, as it smells musky and  is strong and lingering, but for Spring, I think I will go with a number of fresh body sprays from the Natural Collection and So…? range, as these really do the trick to be a bit more uplifted, and they can easily fit in your bag when you’re on the go!

2. Change your nail colours.

Pastels are huge right now, and will change up your wardrobe and look, by making you feel very summery and cute! Tuck the deep and dark colours away, like dark reds and blacks, and go for baby blues, and bubblegum pinks! I’ll be swapping my favourite Winter polish (Natural Collection’s Cosmic Crush), for my Love & Beauty Forever 21 bubblegum pink coloured polish! (I showed you this in a past post!)

3. Get out the tan.

Get out the tan! (If you want, and need it) And if you just feel like getting more of a glow for your pins! I personally love the St. Tropez tans, and feel they give a nice finish!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and got a few ideas on how to change up your look this Spring!

(Pictures off the internet)


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