Five favourite make-up items under a fiver.

We all like cheap, good quality stuff, don’t we?! So, I thought that I’d share with you a few items that I think are worth it, for less!

1. Natural Collection

Ok, so I suppose they aren’t amazing, BUT I think they are really good under-eye concealers, and they do an alright job on concealing imperfections, but I always think that concealers aren’t as important as foundations or powders etc. So I think we can invest in cheap concealers which are ALRIGHT.

2. Natural Collection lip glosses.lipgloss

These are actually really good lip glosses! I don’t wear gloss that often though, as I always seem to manage to lick it off…(Not nice.) But these are great, quite pigmented and don’t leave lips too sticky!

3. Natural Collection lip sticks.boots_natural_collection_lipstick.preview

The lip sticks actually amaze me by how good they are! They’re highly pigmented, and give off a gorgeous sheen, and they have so many pretty colours to choose from! The only problem is that they seem to come off really easily, so you have to re-apply regularly, which is annoying!

4. MUA blushes.img-thing

Blushes are also something that I don’t find very important…I think any sort of blush is fine, so I go for cheap, good quality blushes like these! They’re really good, and with the right kind of brush, you an make these blushes look amazing! Great pigmentation, and only for a pound! Amazing deal!

5. MUA bronzers.bronzer-shade1

Bronze, as I’ve said for blush and concealer, are also another thing that I go cheap with. Yes, this may not be the BEST bronzer, as it’s a bit TOO sparkly and not as greatly pigmented, but I think it does what can be expected for a pound! I use this regularly, and it’s just the right finish for me, as I don’t need that much bronze, and to be honest, don’t really care for it!

I hope you liked this post! I always like good deals on good quality make-up, so I hope I gave you a few good ideas for new, cheap purchases. Bye for now!

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