Review: Natural Collection Rose Bud Lip Stick.

Hello! So, I thought I’d do a review on the Natural Collection lip stick in the shade Rose Bud today!

I’m loving this at the moment, I wear it nearly everyday, because it’s such a sheer, sparkly, nude/pearly pink colour which gives off a great colour pay-off to your lips! Below is a few pictures of the packaging, swatches, what the colour is like on my lips, etc. But to be honest…I’m really not a fan of the packaging, as it cracks, and isn’t very stable, and also the shape of the lippie isn’t too good, but overall this is such a cheap, great lippie for only £1.99!

001 002 003 015

The lipstick is quite wobbly, which is a concern of mine, but it’s never broken, and seems to be pretty stable to me, and very light-weight, which is always a plus! I’ve never really been one for lip sticks, but these have gotten me into them a lot more!

Another thing that is quite annoying about these, is that they don’t last so long on the lips. They’re really pigmented, but don’t seem to last as long, as I hoped they would! I suppose that just comes down to the cheap quality of it, so, what did I expect?! Or maybe it’s just because I always seem to manage licking lip stick and lip gloss off my lips…Ew. Not so great! I think layering it up a lot makes it last longer, and give a much more rich colour, and looks fabulous!

They seem to moisturise my lips quite well, and don’t leave a dry, chalky finish to my lips, and offer a great range of colours and choices too! Overall, I definitely recommend trying these out, as, come on. You really can’t go wrong with a price like that!Have you tried out the Natural Collection lip sticks?


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