Spot-light on guest blogger.

header newMy last post today is on Emma-Louise from!:) She’s such a beautful, talented writer, that I knew that she definitely deserved to be featured in this series! I always get so excited when she does new posts, and she has awesome fashion ideas all the time! Read on for more info!:)
1. Why did you start your blog, and did anyone inspire you?
I started my blog as a way of combining my two loves, fashion and the written word. I studied English and Journalism and hope to someday pursue a career in this field. Fashion has always been a huge factor in my life and blogging lets me share my passion with a global audience. 
2. What do you do other than blogging?
What do I do aside from blogging, well, I have two children. Two boys under the age of 4, so that pretty much keeps me on my toes 99% of the time. Aside from being Mummy and writing, I am also a theatre makeup artist for a pantomime company, a lover of film, food and travelling, and an absolute shopaholic. 
3. What’s been the best experience you’ve had during your time blogging?
My best experience during my time of blogging has to be the wonderful messages I receive from my readers and followers. Every lovely message puts such a smile on my face and really helps see the positive impact that my blog can have on others. Fantastic.  
4.Do you have any people/things that inspire you?
My children are my biggest inspiration. Yes, I am aware this is a little of a cliché answer, but it’s true. Every day those little boys just take my breath away. 
5.What camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D90 unless my photographer (read: willing fiancé with camera) is away, and then I have to resort to using my Canon point and shoot. 
6. How would you describe your style?
I tend to avoid bracketing myself into a specific ‘style’ as my wardrobe is fairly eclectic and my look varies depending on my mood, the weather, the occasion and many other factors. I do tend to mix my girlier items with a slight grunge/rock edge, I also have a huge love of vintage and retro. Women who inspire me are those who dress how they WANT to dress regardless of trends or public reception. 
7. What’s your favourite and essential item of clothing/accessory you think everyone should have?
An essential item of clothing has got to be a leather jacket. This garment never fails, never goes out of style and will last a lifetime. The absolute perfect key piece for any woman’s wardrobe. 
8. Do you have any favourite designers?
Too many to mention, but I will say, I much prefer vintage or retro items. If I had to pick one designer it has to be Alexander McQueen. 
9. Which places do you often shop at?
My regular shopping grounds are (among others) : Topshop, Primark, H&M, ASOS, American Apparel, eBay and my local Charity Shops. 
10. If you could steal anyone’s wardrobe, who’s would you steal?
Anna Dello Russo – that woman has serious style! Other women who I would rob blind of their entire wardrobe are Whitney Port and the Olsen Twins.
I hope you enjoyed another post on a lovely fellow blogger, and be sure to check her blog out! I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and April Fool’s day;) Haha, and I’ll speak tomorrow!

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