Share the love beautycrush and michelle phan: Part 3

eSo, for a while now, I’ve been reading Beauty Crush’s style and beauty blog, and also watching Sammi’s videos on youtube! Everyone seems to love her and know about her, so I won’t go on and on about her, like I would like to, as you probably feel the same way! (Or if you don’t know her, but go check her out now, then you will in a minute!;)) Haha. Anyway, I do seriously look up to this wonderful woman, and I suggest popping over to her blog and taking a quick peek, and seeing if she’s to your liking, because, honestly, her and a few other of my favourite bloggers, are just sososo inspirational, and just seriously amazing bloggers!

72813_10151335534107882_1581672075_nMichelle Phan’s blog and youtube is also a great site to take inspiration from, and just great tips and tricks! She gives great tutorials and DIYs, and always seems to have great ideas and views on things! Michelle is also very well known around the blogosphere, and her blog offers a forum where you can get together and share your ideas.

Go check these two blogs out, and I hope you will come away with some lovely blog finds! Look out for my next share the love post coming later on!


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